About Heather Comparato

Heather Comparato, RNC-OB, C-EFM, BSN, LCCE, CBE, is a childbirth educator and labor and birth nurse for Mercy Hospital St. Louis.

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Creating Your Labor Support Team

Know Who You Want with You During Labor and Delivery, and When Other Visitors Are Welcome

Support during labor and delivery

A great way to decrease stress, anxiety and pain in labor is to surround yourself with caring and helpful support people. Think carefully about who can provide you with the type of support you want while in labor. There are … Continue reading


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How to Have an Amazing Birth Experience

Few Experiences Can Be as Exciting or Rewarding

Happy mother and her new baby

Birthing your baby is one of the most amazing moments in your entire life. I guarantee it will have a profound impact on you, and your life won’t ever be the same. Not to mention, you’ll now have a snugly … Continue reading